Simple Traffic Building: 3 Proven Methods to Start and Grow

A common belief is that things must be complicated in order for them to be effective and this is just not true. Simple does not mean ineffective it just means uncomplicated. Many of the same proven methods used in building successful businesses in the offline world work quite well on the internet. Nowhere is this seen more clearly than in attracting traffic to your website.This article can benefit the new internet marketer as well as more seasoned veterans. For you more seasoned, sometimes it is good to revisit the standards and practices that made you successful in the first place. During sales training you frequently hear the KISS method referenced and it just means keep it simple. I will let you fill in the last S.Some of the more advanced traffic building methods are not necessarily bad but they are just not needed in the beginning. Pay per click, ad swaps, joint ventures, and other confusing terms for the new internet marketer are not required initially and should not be introduced into your marketing plan too quickly. All traffic is not the same and methods for long-term traffic building are the ones to focus on initially.Here are some proven methods that you can use to build your business and when put in place you will begin to see a steady flow of traffic:Start a blog or website. The first step to establishing a place for traffic to come begins here. This will be your home on the internet so which one you start will be important. Some marketers say there is no difference but I tend to disagree. Technically a blog is a website but a blog will be more conversational in format and a place where you can share information about your family, the area you live, and other things of a general nature. With a business website your focus is more on your product or service and it is less informal. Can there be a blending of the two? The short answer is yes. Many internet marketer’s have both and this seems to work well for them. This is my personal preference. You want traffic and you want return visitors if your goal is to build a successful online business.Produce high value content. Imagine being enticed to visit a website only to be disappointed by low quality and useless information. Lots of traffic falls into this category. This is happening all over the internet and it can be a great area of possible business opportunity for you. Choose today to make the production of content that will satisfy your targeted audience your number one building method for your online business. In order to consistently author valuable articles you need to find a topic or area that you can passionately write about for the reader. This is called finding your niche. You can have more than one but make sure you find at least one niche to focus upon. If you do this you will gain traffic. The search engines love sites with good content.Engage your targeted audience. If you build it they will come may work in the movies but it is a poor strategy for online business success. You must go after potential traffic and this can be done in several ways. Writing articles like this is a great way to become known. This is called article marketing and you can’t beat it for generating long-term traffic. Another way to find an audience is to visit other blogs in your niche and leave sincere comments. Remember I said sincere. One other way to find possible visitors is to visit forums in your area of interest and engage in the conversation. You will be rewarded by traffic to your website if you do this with the right motive.